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Spirit Horse Spring Fling! 

Sunday, April 24th 

Noon to 4 pm

Artwork and Fascinators by Deanna Emma Bailey.  Deanna is a painter, poet and designer living in Oakville. She is from a long line of family artists and she actively creates numerous paintings. She also makes custom millinery.
Angel Card Readings by Jenn Crole. Jenn is able to see, sense, know, feel, hear, messages from Spirit, Loved Ones & Pets In Spirit, Angels, Guides, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Unicorns, Faeries, Animals, Spirit Animals. As well as tuning into the energy within and around a person, animal, place or situation. 
Jewellery by Opal Wing Creations.  Naomi's work is inspired by the untouched, organic beauty of crystals, fossils and rare gemstones, jewellery designs that honour the spirit of each stone.
Aromatherapy, Beeswax candles and Himalayan Salt Products by Inglewood General Store
Dr. Hauschka natural beauty and skin care products from Germany by Cindy Storey. Dr. Hauschka products are formulated with essences from medicinal plants grown biodynamically, organically, or responsibly harvested in the wild, using only the finest plant oils and natural essential oils. They are divine!

"Oh Goodness Me"  Handmade pies and desserts...Naturally! by Steph Coutts
Crystals, and Tumbled Stones by Spirit Horse
Sweet Legs by Jen Vivian. Get into a pair of SweetLegs, the ultra soft, super stretchy, fits everybody legging with attitude and style. Proudly Canadian Owned. 
Mrs. V's Preserves, handcrafted, all natural fruit and vegetable preserves, jams, jellies, pickles, and relishes.
Ellemairco by Laurin Mair, is a clothing company that is made with passion and soul. Down to earth, bohemian statement pieces, Incorporating recycled, and vintage fabric into the products. Brilliant colours, and intricate patterns make your soul happy, clothing is much more than just dressing yourself. 
Wild Beginnings by Ashley Howkins.
Wild Beginnings promotes products & manufacturing that have a positive impact on lives, communities, andthe environment. We make every effort to research each product.
Terra Ridge Maple Syrup, delicous local maple syrup made over an open wood fire.
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